DIY Dress it Up Boutonnière

January 13, 2017

DIY Dress it Up Boutonnière

Everyone loves getting a beautiful handmade gift with authentic Swarovski crystals! Can it get any better?

Well for sure! A beautiful gift deserves beautiful gift wrap to add to the excitement and anticipation of what is inside. We want a big, delighted, reaction after all.

At Crystal Filigree we make sure to offer every product with your choices of gift wrap, ribbon colors and type of box so you can pick your favorite color, match your decor and table setting.

Add a finishing touch to your gift by making your very own boutonnière.

Begin by cutting a variety of your favorite flowers making sure to leave a long stem. Try to cut the flowers near the time you will be presenting your gift so they won't be out of water for too long. (We do not recommend hydrangeas or other water-loving flowers because they will wilt too quickly.)

Let's use a bright variety today. These ones can last for hours.

Gather them together and pinch them at the stems near the head of the flowers.

Secure with an elastic near the top of the stems.

Be sure not to make the elastic too tight or you may cut the life of the blossoms short. Once you are happy with where the elastic is, prepare a piece of jute ribbon.

If you chose our kraft boxes as your gift wrap, the jute ribbon will compliment them perfectly for a rustic feel.

Holding the stems near the bottom, wrap the piece of jute ribbon around the stems and tuck in the edges to prevent fraying.

When you are happy with the placement, secure along the edge with a straight pin. 

Be sure to hide the tip of the pin in the ribbon so the pin doesn't prick anyone.

Pinching and lifting the bow gently at the knot, slide your boutonnière under the knot.

You can do this for both gift boxes or gift wrap. You can match it to your centerpieces, wedding bouquet and groom's boutonnière.

Or dress up where your guests will sit.

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