About us

Learn about our founder and her process: Hafsa Alli

I previously was working with silver and Swarovski crystals for years making jewelry. I always loved to pay attention to detail. I would order many components and findings but nothing impressed me like Swarovski Crystals. They sparkled from any angle you looked at them and they were always what I considered the focal point of my pieces. Whenever I dropped a teeny tiny stone on the vast expanse of tiles; I would just rock from side-to-side slowly and it would twinkle at me. I knew that everything in my work had to compliment the sparkle and color of these beautiful crystals. It was their brilliance and excellent quality that I knew I would have to live up to in my creations.

I have always loved a large variety of colors. I wanted to be as flexible as possible so I knew that I would have to have my own palette of colors that I would offer. After many years of mixing paints and clay, I found that through making my own colors, I was able to offer the best range of options. I decided not to offer a small selection of colored stones, but to offer an endless variety of colors in the clays I use which has made the customizing experience much more exciting for everyone.

In experimenting with different forms of art, I found I absolutely loved embossed paper and bright cardstock. I found myself falling in love with another craft. I knew I had to incorporate beautiful scalloped and embossed paper and my love of fine gift wrap into my work.

Here at Crystal Filigree, I hope you can fine everything you need to make your gift-giving experiences precious and memorable