What makes a Crystal Filigree Product?

June 27, 2022

What makes a Crystal Filigree Product?

Even though you probably don't actually care, Crystal Filigree is a leading company in using the very best materials from reliable sources worldwide. All of our crystals are made in Austria, and they are guaranteed to be the best quality crystals from anywhere in the world, even if that sounds cliche.

As promised (even though you probably have heard all of this before), all of our products are strictly made by hand and handled with care. Our crystals are each placed by hand to form beautiful arrangements with our silver-plated, rose gold, or golden brass filigree. Believe it or not, everything that leaves our studio is polished and inspected by hand before being shipped.

The goal of our products is to fill the need for which they are given but also be a practical and beautiful addition to everyday life. That means it shouldn't end up in the back of your closet; or the closet of the person you gave it to! Every great gift should become a part of daily life and should serve as a reminder of the loved one that gave it.

For ten years, we have mastered the art of handmade and, despite the challenges, we never compromise on our quality, keeping your perfectionist side satisfied. Inspired by beautiful stories and the needs of our clients, we have developed the most touching and awe-inspiring gifts for not just the biggest occasions but the most important moments in life.

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