Attention UK Customers

Please be advised that due to the changes that the UK government have implemented as of January 1st 2021, I can no longer accept orders from the UK that are under £135 in value (before shipping costs) in this store.

How can I place an order with a value less than £135?

If you would like to order from my shop and your order is under £135 in value, please visit my Etsy store where the tax can be collected smoothly. You may do so at this link

Why can't you accept my order?

Unfortunately, after extensive efforts, the process to collect and remit VAT to the UK authority is much too complicated to handle from Canada. There are not enough local tax experts who have a clear understanding.

What happens if the tax is not collected?

If the tax is not collected there is a high likelihood that your order will be held for payment which may exceed the 20% tax that is usually collected. It may even be rejected and returned.

If you choose to place your order in this shop, please ensure that your order is £135 in value or more or your order may need to be cancelled.

What happens if I place an order with a value of £135 or more?

Your order will be processed as normal and no tax will be collected at the time of sale. Please be advised that you are responsible for any customs fees charged upon arrival. The shipping costs you pay at the time of your order is only to cover the shipping fees.